Fierce on-field soccer rivalries between top clubs is part of the passion surrounding the game but some fans don’t realize these rivalries leave the field and are played outside of the 90 minutes every day. One of the deepest and oldest, rooted in family, is the competition between adidas and Puma and the competition is ready to hit the big screen.

According to Deadline Hollywood, a project looking at the story of adidas and Puma has been sent out to directors with production targeted to start in 2017.

“Lore has it the pair started a small shoemaking business in Bavaria, focusing primarily on hand-sewn athletic footwear,” Deadline Hollywood wrote. “But as their business took off, the brothers grew increasingly frustrated with each other and in the mid-1940s Rudolf set up a rival shop, while Adi remained in the initial plant and renamed the company Adidas. In 1948, Rudolf registered his new company, Puma.”

The original company was called the Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Company and formed in the 1920’s in small town of Herzogenaurach. Adi was the craftsman of the duo while Rudi was the salesman. And the pair were successful.

They changed the way shoes were viewed in the sports world. Despite being part of Hitler’s Nazi party, they developed the shoes worn by track star Jesse Owens at the 1936 Munich Olympics. They modernized the traditional soccer cleat, then as now the most popular sport in the world.

Family turned to feuding in the 1940’s during World War II. One myth claims that as the Allies were bombing Herzogenaurach, Adi said to his wife ‘the dirty bastards are back again’ as they were climbing in a bomb shelter occupied by Rudi and his family. Needless to say Rudi thought the words were directed at him and not the Allies overhead.

After the split each brother built their own factory on opposite sides of the Aurach river which has literally and figuratively split the family, city, and sport shoe loyalist every since.