The feathers, ticker tape, and flash are impossible to miss at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro every year.  And with inspiration from this year’s festival last weekend and the coming World Cup this summer, adidas has launched the Carnival Pack.

carnival_heels The Carnival Pack includes new colorways for adidas 4 main silos: the nitrocharge, predator, 11pro, and adizero f50.  The colors keep a unified colorway with the Samba Pack but these cleats feature much more flash!

carnival_uppersThe cleats have a reflective treatment on the upper.  The reflective treatment spreads the light, flash, and flare of the player on the field much like the ticker tape does in Carnival parades.  The feather designs are placed on the hell and inspired by famous carnival costumes.

carnival_nitroThe adidas nitrocharge Carnival Pack is a relatively subtle pink cleat with a blue/black heel pattern.

carnival_predatorThe adidas predator Carnival Pack has a blue upper with a light green/black heel pattern.

carnival_f50The adidas adizero f50 Carnival Pack has an orange upper.  It is the only cleat in the line-up that does not include a black element on the heel.  THe f50 heel is pink/blue.

carnival_11proThe adidas 11pro has a green upper and orange/black heel pattern.

Carnival_Overhead“For the Carnaval Pack we wanted to make sure we brought all the freshness and excitement of the Brazilian Carnaval to the boots,” Romain Girard, Designer, adidas Football said.

The Carnival Pack is available at the World Soccer Shop.  Get in the Game and make a statement.