Favela PPG (Pavão, Pavãozinho and Cantagalo) is in Rio de Janeiro but it is located on the side of a mountain made up of makeshift houses without basic sanitation on alleyways connected by steep and uneven stairs.  It is in a world all its own.

The World Soccer Shop graffiti is located at top center at yellow arrow

The World Soccer Shop graffiti is located at top center at yellow arrow

But in this community lives a passion for soccer not found anywhere in Rio and graffiti artist Acme.  Acme is responsible for most of the colorful graffiti in the favela and works within the community to improve the lives of children.  After talking with Acme about the World Soccer Shop graffiti project, he thought this would be a great location for the graffiti.

The initial project started with Acme sketching out his idea for the design.  The focus was on a tribal Brazilian character wearing a Brazil national team jersey and with eagle headdress, a common element in some of his other work.  He holds up the jerseys of Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Argentina while the fans reach up trying to get a touch man holding the jerseys.

Acme went to work on the mural once the drawings were complete.  He transformed a blank wall with a fading Tweety bird into the new soccer themed one.  The mural is the new backdrop of daily life of favela PPG and captures the passion of the game as players practice their own skills.

daily life in front of the World Soccer Shop world cup acme mural
The mural was a static moment within the favela but the true soul of the people and passions for the game were somehow missing without the constant sounds of the beautiful game being played so the next step was obvious, to highlight the mural and Acme’s work in the World Soccer Shop’s World Cup commercial.

Acme is well-known and respected in the street art community and was featured on a BBC short documentary.

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