As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Soccer365 looks across the Atlantic to a football club that pays tribute to the men, women, and children who fled England to settle in the New World each time they take the field.

Boston United Football Club is probably not familiar to even the most hardcore soccer fans in the U.S. The club is based in Boston, Lincolnshire in the East Midlands of England and plays in the National League North (the 6th tier of English football) but they have a uniquely American connection.


Boston United FC's club badge


The club’s nickname is the Pilgrims in tribute to the some 100 people, the Pilgrim Fathers, who sailed from England in September 1620 seeking religious freedom and a new home. The Pilgrim’s ship, the Mayflower, is included on the team badge.

The club has another U.S. connection after signing Nike as their technical sponsor this year. The Swoosh unveiled the new home and away jerseys last summer.


Boston United FC jersey's Nike badge


Boston United FC Official gear tag


The home jersey has a classic design with an amber shirt and diagonal sash running from the right shoulder to left waist and crew collar. The sash has a gradient effect with solid black at the top (serving as the background for the Nike Swoosh) of the sash and black/amber look near the bottom.


Boston United FC back of 2016/17 jersey


The full kit is completed with black shorts and amber socks.

Boston United FC 2016/17 home and away soccer jerseys by Nike (courtesy of Boston United official website)

Boston United FC 2016/17 home and away soccer jerseys by Nike (courtesy of Boston United official website)


The Pilgrim’s away kit is purple with volt detailing for the Nike Swoosh and piping on the shoulders and side of the jersey then topped off with a polo collar. The full kit is completed with purple shorts and socks.

Boston United FC was founded in 1933 by a group of Boston FC supporters. They met at the Friendly Societies Hall with the intention to save their hometown club, Boston FC which had founded in the late 1800’s, after the owners at the time decided to put the club into liquidation. The meeting was a success with an alternative proposal put forward to form a new club and call it Boston United FC and take Boston FC’s place in the Midland league that summer.

The new club continued using the blue jerseys, white shorts and black socks of Boston FC but soon thereafter changed to a black jersey with large white ‘V’ design which was used until 1937. A white jersey with black shorts and socks was then used. After World War II the club reverted to the original blue jerseys with black or white shorts and socks.

The current colors of amber and black were adopted in 1951 and have been used ever since.

The club continues to represent the city of Boston and are currently managed by Dennis Greene. Their home ground is the 6,643 capacity Jakesmans Stadium. They have won 41 trophies and honors. Visit the official Boston United FC website for more information on the team.

Boston United FC is back in action against Witton Albion in Cup action on Saturday, November 26.

Special thanks to Boston United FC’s staff who helped make sure we received our jersey in time for Thanksgiving.