Details have emerged surrounding the Umbro UX-1 boot that was recently released. A big push by Umbro to be a contender for creating one of the most technologically advanced football boots on the market today.

Umbro has instilled a one-piece fabric on the UX-1 that is both lightweight and breathable for anyone playing the game. This new foundation molded around the boot can withstand the shocks and wear of a football match while being just soft enough to retain a player’s touch on the ball.

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By releasing the UX-1, Umbro has subsequently changed the standard of their boots from this point forth. The UX-1 is a much more stable boot thus making it a safer option for players. Much of this safety and stability is represented in the boot’s studs. The front part of the boot consists of ten round studs that are in place to reduce the pressure that is put on the UX-1. The heel consists of four cone-shaped studs that offer more stability and traction as the player quickly changes direction.

The primary color of the boot is purple while the studs show accents of lime green. The classic Umbro logo remains yellow on the boot. Look out Joe Hart and others who represent Umbro to be sporting the UX-1’s in the World Cup this summer in Brazil.

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