Apart from the Magista Obra Nike have released three other lower tier Magista boots, all of which cater to a certain type of player. To help make your decision a little bit easier here is a quick rundown of what you need to know about all four models.

Nike Magista Obra

The Nike Magista Obra is the top tier Magista boot and therefore will naturally set you back the most. FlyKnit is the biggest feature that sets the Obra apart from the rest of the Magista line, as none of the other boots feature it. FlyKnit is the boot’s knitted upper and is meant to provide a second-skin feel and in turn a better touch.

Another feature reserved only for the Obra is the mid-cut Dynamic Fit Collar that extends to the top of the ankle.  The collar locks down the wearers fit and creates a more secure, snug fit.


Nike Magista Opus

The Magista Opus comes in one level below the top-of-the-line Magista Obra and as a result has quite a bit of the technology seen on the Obra. Instead of FlyKnit Nike have used a combination upper of performance mesh, Kangalite and NikeSkin. The reason that it looks extremely similar to the Obra is because of the amplified texture finish used.

As is evident by just looking at the boot, the Opus also does not have the Dynamic Fit system. Apart from those two big omissions the rest of the boot is near identical, including a soleplate and stud configuration that Nike have claimed will enhance agility considerably.


Nike Magista Orden

While the Magista Orden has only a single layered upper, as opposed the two-layer system seen on the Opus and Obra, it is nonetheless a Kangalite upper. Kangalite was used on the Nike CTR360 III and as such is a very impressive inclusion for a ‘third-tier’boot.

The Orden is where you will find the best AG and astroturf models for the Magista line and so will naturally be a popular option for many. Along with this versatility comes a pretty standard TPU base, as opposed to the Nylon and Pebax seen on the higher tiers.


Nike Magista Onda

The Onda is more a Magista in look than material and is relatively very basic. As the lowest-tier boot, the Onda features a stock synthetic upper that Nike have dubbed ‘Trophy’. While the upper is still textured, the fit and touch will be a far cry from that offered even on the Orden.

As with the Orden the Onda features a TPU base and will come in AG and astroturf models.