The eyes of the world will be on Brazil this summer with the playing of the FIFA World Cup from June 12 through to the final on July 13. Japanese brand A Bathing Ape is getting in on the hype creating their own line of World Cup inspired designs.

bape-1bape-2The line gets started with a Brazil2014 t-shirt and Baby Milo inspired shirt as well as a soccer ball in the iconic BAPE camo look.

Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina have gear in the line. The highlight of the line is the retro looking polo shirts with a team badge on the right chest and the BAPE logo with the colors of the respected country flag.

bape-italy-germanbape-england-franceThere is a line of flag t-shirts as well.

bape-brazil-teebape-spain-teebape-portugal-teebape-japan-teebape-netherlands-teebape-italy-teebape-german-teebape-france-teebape-england-teebape-argentina-teeThe collection goes on sale May 17 at BAPE locations as well as at ZOZOTOWN.