The U.S. national team jersey is a unifying symbol for players and fans of the Stars and Stripes.  The red, white and blue shirts show the shared passion in playing for a common goal and everyone doing their part to achieve that goal.

US Soccer allowed the shared passion of the players and fans to be the motivating force in unveiling the new US Soccer team badge yesterday.  But the badge is only part of the updated look that will be included on team jerseys with the release of the 2016 USA kit.

90Minutes, the official font of US Soccer, will be used for the names and numbers of jerseys.  The new and unique font was designed by typeface designer Tal Leming.  The goal for the typeface design was similar to the new crest in respecting the past and representing the future as well as complementing the lettermarks used on the badge.

“I’m not a player, I’m not a coach, so this is what I can do,” Leming explained of the design process. “The feeling of belief and hopefulness is all I wanted to get into the typeface.”