The fall 2015 season is underway but for most part of the U.S. the weather has been kind with warmer than normal temperatures. But as we all know this will not last with cooler weather requiring different apparel while the push deeper into the season results in the need for some equipment to be replaced.

365.WorldSoccerShop has pulled together a list of some of the items that players and coaches have been ordering to help finish out 2015 and have a positive start to 2016.

Nike CR7 Mercurial Lite 16 Shinguard9) Shinguards – Shin guards are the most often overlooked piece of soccer equipment.  How many times have you seen a player rummage through their bag only to look up and start asking teammates if they have an extra pair of shinguards?  For a piece of mandatory equipment that can cost under $10 make sure to have an extra pair in your bag.

soccer goalkeeper gloves8) Goalkeeper Gloves – On most amateur recreational teams the player pulling on the #1 jersey tends to change from half-to-half or game-to-game.  At the adult level, few players want to spend a free afternoon standing in a field either bored silly or being shot at making filling the position especially difficult.  With a host of players spending time between the pipes make sure they have a pair of goalkeeper gloves to give them a fighting chance of making the game winning save.

Soccer Shorts7) Soccer Shorts – An extra pair of soccer shorts is another good call.  Whether you forgot to wash the shorts from your previous game or accidentally pulled on the royal blue shorts rather than team’s black ones it is always good to travel with an extra pair.  And don’t dismiss the possibility of some torn shorts.  We have seen it in Sunday leagues all the time.

6) New Team Jerseys – The team wanted a new set of soccer jerseys for the season but by the time you got around to ordering it was too late with an estimated delivery half way through the season.  Make sure this does not happen every season and start looking and ordering your new team jersey before the fall season ends.  There is no stress and you will have the jerseys in plenty of time before the first kick in 2016.

Nike Backpack5) Player Bag/Backpack – Players love holding on to their gear regardless of whether it is past its prime.  For most players it harks back to a time when they were younger, faster, and still in their prime.  Second only to getting a new pair of cleats is replacing the old soccer bag.  The new bag allows you to finally toss out old roles of tape, schedules, and rosters and get a fresh start.  And of course a better smelling bag to boot.

Soccer Ball Pump4) Ball Pump – Admit it.  You have shown up early for game or kick around (before the manager gets there) and despite having plenty players to start kicking around every ball at the field is flat.  The ball pump is another piece of equipment that does not cost too much and will make you the hero more often than you can imagine.  There is nothing worse than having to ask the referee at a Sunday league game for a pump so you can get the game started.

3) Outer Wear – The cold weather has held off but it is coming.  Make sure you have all the right outwear that you will need to get you through the coming cold of the next 6 months.  Don’t be searching through dresser drawers for the training suit on the first day it gets cold only to vaguely recall you left your training pants at the field last March.

Nike ORdem 3 Ball2) Training/Match Balls – Plenty of balls have sailed over fences into the woods (and yet to be retrieved) or been scuffed up after being kicked into the parking lot.  This is the perfect time to get a few extra training and match balls to take you through the remainder of the season.


Trusox1) Trusox – The fields are getting a little wet and worn so any little advantage to help keep a good touch on the ball is huge.  Admittedly Trusox are a luxury and somewhat expensive our findings are that the players that pull them on love them.  This runs from the top level professionals to the youngest recreational player.  For best results, Trusox require contact with your foot and your cleat so altering (cutting off) your team sock is suggested so probably best to order a couple of extra pairs of  your team sock as well.

Finish strong this fall and make sure you have the necessary equipment to get you through the season.

What soccer equipment do you most often find you need come mid-season?