Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a name you won’t forget.  The Paris Saint Germain and Sweden forward is outspoken in every endeavor he undertakes and he has stepped forward to be the voice for the 805 million people around the world who suffer from hunger each day.

805 million people are suffering from hunger today. Make sure the world knows. #805millionnames

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805 million names on zlatan's cleat
He pulled on a pair of cleats with ‘805 Million Names’ inked in silver on the blacked out cleat in PSG’s Champions League match against Chelsea at Parc des Princes on Tuesday.  The match ended 1-1 with Ibrahimovic coming close on several occasions leaving fans to wonder if he had another message waiting to be told.

ibrahimovic with 15 tattoos for people suffering from hunger
This came only days after he ripped off his jersey to showcase the names of 15 people who suffer from hunger that were temporarily added to his permanent tattoo collection.

“When I took my shirt off against Caen, everybody asked what these new tattoos were,” Zlatan was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. “I had 15 removable tattoos on my body, they are the names of real people who are suffering from hunger in the world,” Ibrahimovic said on Sunday. “[While] those tattoos have gone now, these people are still here … I hope that you can see them through me.”

PSG coach Laurent Blanc loved the charitable effort of his go-to man but was not as pleased with the unnecessary yellow card.

“It worked because it made the front page of every website in the world, so in that sense it was very successful for him and for the foundation. But it cost us a yellow card.”

The push to promote the ‘805 Million Names’ is part of the campaign to end hunger by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).