The adidas adiZero 99g cleat made history this week becoming the lightest cleat ever available for purchase with a limited edition release. The cleat that was originally just a ‘concept car’ model from the 3-Stripes but has become a reality soon to be hitting the field.  What are the Top 5 features that make this so special and groundbreaking?

adizero 99 g

Top 5 Key Features of the adidas adiZero 99g

5. Innovation Lab to Limited Edition – Fans always read about or hear rumors of the latest and greatest technologies being tested by soccer brands. Frequently these ‘concept’ models never become a reality until now.  The adiZero 99g started off as just another cleat in the Innovation Lab but has become the 1st cleat to move to the ‘Limited Edition Collection.’  adidas has hinted that they will continue to release limited quantities of cleats that have made high marks in their innovation labs.  There are only 299 pairs of the adiZero 99g available globally.

4. Half the Weight – 99 grams does not mean a whole lot to most players.  Only hard core cleat-heads now how much their cleats weigh in before the match.  99 grams makes the cleat nearly half the weight of a standard cleat.  And the materials insure that this weight does not change during play as unlike synthetics or leather the cleat does not get heavier when wet.

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3. The Upper – The upper is made from a single layer of woven polyester mesh.  The thin layer provides great touch on the ball and stands up to the rigors of the game but hard to believe this will give much protection when there is a clash of feet or a studs up tackle catches a player in the foot.

2. The Outsole – The rigidity in tandem with flexibility is not compromised with the 1 mm polyamide outsole.  The external heel counter has been stripped down as well with a ‘U’ shaped potion removed to help keep the weight off.

lightest cleat ever adidas 99g
1. Stud Configuration –
Soccer players are familiar with 2 studs or 4 studs on the heel of cleats but the 3 stud option is rare and one of the most noticeable unique features of this cleat.  With 2 studs over the heel and a single stud slightly more forward and a 7-stud layout on the forefoot this cleat allows for quick movements in all directions.

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