The pre-match soccer jersey is becoming more popular as more clubs release the hard to find looks. And fans are loving it as the jerseys (when done right) have a bolder look than the more traditional match jerseys.

They allow the fan to show their love for the club while making a fashion statement.

“Fans are super psyched about the growing selection of pre-match soccer jerseys,” World Soccer Shop’s Director of eCommerce Page Martin told Soccer365. “We continue to find and bring more in each season to help fans show their passion and take their soccer lifestyle off the field.”


5 Best Club Soccer Pre-Match Jerseys – 2018/19


Pre-match soccer jerseys for Bayern Munich and Los Angeles Galaxy by adidas

5. Bayern Munich / Los Angeles Galaxy Pre-Match Soccer Jerseys – adidas took the same formula to create the Bayern Munich and Los Angeles Galaxy pre-match soccer jerseys. The 2-tone front gives it a little edge. The Bundesliga club’s pre-match has a more complete look, however, with the front-of-jersey sponsor name being left off (a little less jersey and more athleisure style) and we love the monochrome badge and adidas Performance logo.


Liverpool 2018/19 Pre-Match Soccer Jersey by New Balance


4. Liverpool Pre-Match Soccer Jersey – Liverpool fans can’t get enough gear after the club’s run to the Champions League final and 4th place Premier League finish. New Balance brought a bold look with the 2-tone rhythm strip print. Unlike the Liverpool match jerseys, the pre-match jersey features the BetVictor logo on the front of the jersey. BetVictor has a 3-year deal as Liverpool’s training kit sponsor. The detail on the front of the jersey is in silver.


Chelsea 18/19 Soccer Pre-Match jersey by Nike


3. Chelsea Pre-Match Soccer Jersey – The blue checker board design with red detailing on the lower jersey and sleeves speaks for itself. The hazy blue and red colors may make a fan question their eyesight but help the Chelsea crest on the left chest and Carabao logos stand prominent. Sadly, while the players have access to the long sleeve version the only style available in the U.S. is the short sleeve.


PSG Pre-Match Jersey 18/19 by Nike


2. Paris Saint Germain Pre-Match Soccer Jersey – The PSG soccer pre-match jersey only narrowly missed out on the top spot. A cool looking jersey. The dark blue jersey features a pattern of dark red fleur-de-lis over the front, back, and sleeves of the jersey. The Fly Emirates sponsor logo is across the chest.


18/19 Manchester City soccer pre-match jersey by Nike


1. Manchester City Pre-Match Soccer Jersey – The green and blue modern hooped jersey of the Blues takes the top spot. The 2-tier gradient design of the hoops is eye-catching and unique. And using the dark blue rather than the club’s more common sky blue is great take. And to top if off there is no front-of-jersey sponsor logo which gives this more of a lifestyle look great for the field or on the town.

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