The FIFA World Cup Final is on Sunday.  Germany and Argentina will play with each looking to add another star representing world championships to their federation badge.

The 365 Panini Challenge fortunately will not have to worry about a player not being ready in our Panini book as it was completed today, Friday July, 11.   Hurrah.

The last card was #37 Dani Alves.  The card was found in our 615 7-pack of cards.  And among the 4,550 cards we sorted through surprisingly we revealed only 1 of the defender.  We had enough cards to complete an entire book with the 1 exception of card #37.

The second to last card was #615 Denis Glushakov.

The total cost: $561.86.

And to save you some money WorldSoccerShop.com is giving away our completed album today.  This will go fast.

And if you are US based and need a couple of cards, the 365 Panini Challenge wants to help.  Tweet @worldsoccershop and include #365paninichallenge and we will send you the cards (IF we still have any).  First Come, First Serve.

Panini stickers are still available and discounted at WorldSoccerShop.com