The FIFA World Cup group stage winds up today and sadly we did not even get our entire rosters down to Brazil.  With eyes a little cross-eyed and drool starting to drizzle down our cheeks, 365 sorted through and 5th and 6th box in hopes of completing our book.

We plan to have a huge contest to give away this book (hopeful completed book) so you should be cheering for us to finish.

Box 5

Maybe it was not so bad.  Box 5 yielded 31 new cards and 319 dups.  This is 91% dups but when considering Box 4 only revealed 39 new cards it is not the drop that was expected.

But this process is all about staying positive and not going broke.  The book is now 96% complete and we had a huge push in filling out our rosters with 10 teams being completed.  The team rosters completed were: Belgium, Germany, Nigeria, Italy, Costa Rica, Colombia, Australia, Chile, Netherlands, and Spain.

Too little, too late for Italy, Australia, and Spain who are probably back home watching from the comfort of the living room couch.

Total Cost: $241.94

Box 6

This is hard work. Only 13 cards were pulled from the box with an amazing 337 dups.  An amazing 96% dups rate and relative to Box 4 and 5 a huge drop off in our success rate.

Fortunately, since the USA is playing there today, workers completed the Arena Pernambuco in Recife. This was the last stadium under construction in our Panini book.  They were not so lucky on the ground in Brazil.

And 4 more teams were checked off the list with full rosters for Mexico, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and France.

The project will continue with Box 7 and 8 coming soon.  They are on order.  But a new rule is in play, once we get a box with 0 new cards we will cry ‘no mas’ and probably write a mean letter to Panini on this impossible to complete book.

Total Cost: $281.93

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