The World Cup has taken our focus away from the World Cup Panini Book.  Admittedly our eyes are getting a little crossed as we look for those rare cards to add to the book so decided to give our update on Box 3 AND 4.

Duplicate comparison btw Box 1 - 3

Duplicate comparison btw Box 1 – 3

60 new stickers (17%) were found in Box 3, leaving us 290 duplicates.  The dups are starting to take over with 82% of the stickers in this box dups, compared with only 14.2% in Box 1 and 46.5% in Box 2.

The biggest frustration came with the 6th packet of Box 3 (106 packet overall) that contained all duplicates.  This appears to be the normal with packet 115 and 116 also all duplicates.

But we must stay optimistic with the completion of the Croatia, Cameroon, and Algerian teams.

With Box 3 in the books, we have 546 stickers for 85% of our book completed.

Total Cost: $151.96

Before we look at Box 4, it is good to see the Panini World Cup books being put to use.  These Greek fans showed up book in hand with their team completed and ready for action in Brazil.

Greek fans show off their completed Greece Panini team.

Greek fans show off their completed Greece Panini team.

Box 4 only yielded 39 new cards and 311 dups.  An incredible 88.8% duplicates.

The book is now 91.1% complete and we did complete the rosters for Greece, Argentina, Ghana, and the USA.

Brazil and Russia are still working to call in players.  We are looking for 5 teams for each team while we need 4 players each for the Netherlands and Switzerland and 19 other teams needing between 1-3 additional players.

Total Cost: $201.95

Hurrah, the 50-packet Panini boxes are now on sale for only $39.99!