By David Fleenor – The World Cup kicked off yesterday and some of the players have still not made it to Brazil.  Or maybe I should say my World Cup Panini book is still missing some key players after recruiting cards from a 2nd box.

The box did result in the first 2 complete teams in Japan (76th 7-pack) and Uruguay (97th 7-pack)

Once the box is completed the book is 75% compete. But as expected the number of duplicates is increasing with this box resulting in 163 duplicates (46.5%). Recall that only 14.2% were duplicates from Box 1.

But what to do with the Landon Donovan card?  The U.S. record holder was left off the Stars and Stripes roster but the book says he is part of the team.  Landon is not the only person that Panini thought was a lock for Brazil.  WE will figure it out.

Box 3 is on order and needs to get here ASAP to make sure teams in Brazil have a full 11 for the matches.  And with more and more duplicates piling up, it is time to figure out a way to help out readers complete their books.  Stay tuned.  Until Box 3 keep the faith.

Total Cost: $101.97

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