The 2017/18 season has kicked-off with the main European leagues, and that means new jerseys for all the clubs. Soccer365.com shows you all the new home jerseys for the Serie A teams. Check the links below to shop official Serie A gear at at World Soccer Shop.

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AC Milan


AC Milan Reveal 2017/18 Home Jersey


AC Milan debuted their 17/18 jersey towards the end of last season. This year adidas and the club have taken inspiration from some iconic and successful jerseys, and returned to the traditional red and black striped design, as opposed to recent more modern looks.


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2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Atalanta


The new Atalanta jersey features classic blue and black stripes, and a black V-neck. This year Joma has included the motto ‘La maglia sudata sempre’ (the shirt always sweats) and 1907, the club’s founding year, inside the collar. The back of the neck reads Atalanta B.C. 1907.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Benevento


Benevento make their first ever appearance in Serie A this season. FG sport produced the club’s jerseys. They feature red and yellow stripes with a red collar. The sleeves and back are solid yellow.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Bologna


The 2017/18 Bologna jersey is comprised of 4 vertical stripes made up of the club’s traditional colors: blue and red. The shirt presents a V-neck with white around the back and white sleeve cuffs.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Cagliari


Cagliari debuted their 2017/18 home jersey at the end of last season against AC Milan. Made by Macron, the jersey is half red and half blue. It has a unique V-neck and on the back of the neck reads the club’s name and founding year (Cagliari 1920) in white.


Chievo Verona


2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Chievo Verona


Chievo Verona’s kits are manufactured by Givova. This year’s jersey has less blue than last year’s edition. It features a mostly yellow look, with only the sleeve cuffs, the sponsors and the crest in blue. The club’s crest has been modified to feature only the donkey emblem.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Crotone


Crotone’s 2017/18 season jersey has a striped design with the club’s traditional blue and red colors, adding a blue panel on the chest. Logos are featured in white, while the stripes also appear on the sleeves.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Fiorentina


Le Coq Sportif presents Fiorentina’s jerseys with several emblematic details. La Viola’s top is solid purple with a V-neck and sleeve cuffs with red, white and purple stripes. On the left sleeve sits a fleur-de-lis in a lighter shade of purple.

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2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Genoa


The Genoa kit shows a half-and-half design in red and blue with a buttoned collar. Underneath the club’s crest reads “Il club più anticuo d’Italia” which translates to “the oldest club in Italy”; the club’s founding year (1893) is found on the upper back.


Hellas Verona


2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Hellas Verona


Nike has prepared a traditional look for the return of Hellas Verona to Serie A. The jersey is navy blue, with a yellow V-neck, a yellow stripe that runs from the top of the shoulders to the sleeves, and yellow sleeve cuffs.


Inter Milan


2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Inter Milan


Nike brings a unique look to the nerazzurri of Milan this year. Drawing inspiration from the city’s skyline, the traditional Inter blue and black stripes are asymmetrical. The Nike and Pirelli logos are white, and the sleeves are black.


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This year’s Juventus design features stripes that are thinner than last years’, a gold adidas logo, their new logo with three gold stars above it, and a classy buttoned collar. The back features a thick black stripe, inspired by jerseys from the 20th Century.


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2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Lazio


Lazio go retro this year with a classic look and a 1980’s logo. The jersey is a lighter shade of blue than usual, with a white collar and white sleeve cuffs. The logo is hexagonal with a blue eagle sitting on a white background, and is outlined in dark blue.


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2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Napoli


Il Partenopei roll out a traditional jersey for this season. Kappa manufactured a light blue jersey, with the sides and collar a darker shade of blue. Shirt sponsors Lete and Garofalo remain on the front of the jersey, with Kimbo’s logo on the lower back.


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AS Roma


AS Roma Unveils 2017/18 Home Jersey


Nike plays with different shades of red on the Giallorossi 2017/18 jersey. The jersey’s chest and back are red, with the sleeves are subtly a darker shade. Further detail on the jersey includes black stripes that run down each side and a yellow border along the collar.


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2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Sampdoria


The new Sampdoria jersey is dark blue with the club’s traditional white, black, and red horizontal stripe across the chest. This year’s shirt features a polo collar. “La maglia più bella del mondo” (the world’s most beautiful jersey) is written on the inside of the collar.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Sassuolo


Sassuolo’s kits are manufactured by Kappa. The jersey features green and black stripes with black sleeves. 5 Kappa logos run down the top of the sleeves. Mapei’s logo sits on the chest in white.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - SPAL


Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor, better known as SPAL, make it back to Serie A after a 49-year absence. They will sport a Macron uniform after recently signing a deal with them until 2021. The jersey consists of white and light blue vertical stripes with a white polo collar.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Torino


Torino’s home jersey is classic and simple; it features the club’s traditional color: maroon. Further detail includes a modern collar with a white trim on the neck and sleeve cuffs. Kappa’s logos run down the top of the shoulders and there is a subtle bull print on the lower left side.




2017/18 Serie A Home Soccer Jerseys - Udinese


Udinese’s home jerseys look the same as they always have: black and white stripes. This year, the jersey feaures a black V-neck with half black, half white sleeves. The logo for HS, the kit manufacturer, sits in gold on the top right side of the chest.

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