New season, new jerseys. The 2017/18 Premier League season will kick-off today, and Soccer365 takes you to a tour showcasing the home jerseys for all the 20 participating teams. Right now most of them are available at World Soccer Shop (while supplies last), and some may come in the future, so be sure to check the links for each club.

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AFC Bournemouth


Bournemouth 17/18 home soccer jersey


Bournemouth present their traditional in a striped pattern: a red base with three black stripes on the front and back and one on each side. The red sleeves have a black stripe at the top with subtle Umbro logos that run down it.


Arsenal FC


Arsenal 2017/18 Home Jersey Unveiled


Arsenal stick with their classic design for the 2017/18 season. The new jersey features the red body, white sleeves, a polo collar with a buttoned front, and a cannon printed on the nape of the neck.


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Brighton & Hove Albion


Brighton & Hove Albion 2017/18 Home Jersey Unveiled


The Brighton & Hove Albion jersey showcases a design comprised by blue and white stripes. The sleeves are solid blue and a yellow trim follows the collar line.


Burnley FC


17/18 West Ham home soccer jersey from Puma


Burnley aim to once again remain in the top flight in the 17/18 season. Their new jersey is made up of a maroon body, light blue sleeves which end in a maroon cuff, and a buttoned collar.


Chelsea FC



The reigning Premier League champions kick off the 17/18 season after partnering with Nike. The jersey is a solid blue with details on the front, back and sleeves. “The Blues” is written inside the cuff of the right sleeve; inside the left sleeve “1905” is written, reminding fans of the year the club was founded.


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Crystal Palace FC



After last year’s unique design, Macron and Crystal Palace have returned to their classic red and blue stripes. The jersey features a V-shaped collar with a gold trim around the back of the neck.


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Everton FC


Everton Reveals 2017/18 Home Jersey


Everton’s jersey is features a solid blue body with navy designs under the arms. Umbro included its logo on a trim that runs down the sleeves.


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Huddersfield Town



Huddersfield town present a striped white and light blue design on their jersey on their return to the Premier League. PUMA has included its halftone gradient details on Hudderfield’s stripes. The sleeves are blue with a white stripe across the top.


Leicester City



Leicester City’s new kit is solid blue with gold details on the shoulders and sleeve cuffs, and a single button collar. The jersey also presents a subtle pinstripe design. Leicester debuted this jersey on May 19th toward the end of the 16/17 season.


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Liverpool FC


Liverpool FC Reveal 2017/18 New Balance Home Jersey


To honor the club’s 125th anniversary, Liverpool presents a throwback jersey with a crest which pays tribute to the team’s longevity. The solid red jersey with an embossed pinstripe design includes a white v-neck and white sleeve cuffs with red detailing.


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Manchester City FC



Manchester City commemorate the 50th anniversary of their 1967/1968 title winning squad with their new jersey. Their throwback is almost entirely sky blue, with only a white trim on the collar. City are also the first team to feature a sleeve sponsor. City’s jerseys will again feature Nike’s Aeroswift Technology.


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Manchester United FC



One word to describe United’s new kit? Classic. The Red Devils’ jersey combines its three traditional colors (red, black, and white) in a clean overall look. The jersey is solid red, with black and white sleeve cuffs, and three white stripes on the shoulders.


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Newcastle United FC



1892 must have been a popular year to establish a new club in English Football. Also celebrating their 125th anniversary is Newcastle United. They return to the Premier League in their traditional black and white stripes, a buttoned collar, and a commemorative crest for their anniversary.


Southampton FC



Drawing inspiration from their 1980’s kits, Southampton scrap their striped design and present a red kit with a broad white stripe down the middle. The stripe is bordered by four thin black lines. On the sleeves we see a black and red stripe pattern on the white cuffs. The collar is a red v-neck on the front and is white on the back.


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Stoke City FC


Stoke City FC 2017/18 home soccer jersey


Stoke debuted their 17/18 home jerseys against Arsenal on the last game of the 16/17 season. The jersey’s design features red and white stripes with red, white and blue designs on the collar and sleeve cuffs.


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Swansea City



Swansea’s kit is classic white with an intriguing black collar and black sleeve cuffs. Swansea are also one of the few teams to also include a sleeve sponsor.


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Tottenham Hotspur



New kit manufacturer. New stadium (sort of). Tottenham will debut their new Nike jerseys at Wembley Stadium this season before moving to their new stadium in 2018. The Tottenham jersey is solid white with a blue stripe detail around the neck and a blue stripe down the sides. The Spurs’ badge is a throwback to the 1950’s with the shield around the club’s logo.


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Watford FC


17/18 Watford home soccer jersey from adidas


Watford and adidas team up for a second year to present the 17/18 jerseys. The jersey is yellow with a red v-neck and three red stripes that run down the sides.


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West Bromwich Albion



West Brom stick with their classic navy blue and white stripes for this season’s jersey. Differing from last year’s kit, though, is the back: for the 17/18 season the jersey will feature a complete navy back.


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West Ham United FC


West Ham 17/18 home soccer jersey


The Claret and Blue Army will be blowing bubbles in their classic maroon jersey with blue sleeves. The collar has a blue triangular trim. The inspiration for The Hammers’ 17/18 jersey comes from their 1976 European Cups Winners Cup final appearance.


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