The German professional league has a variety of exciting young players this 2018/19 season. Christian Pulisic, the American attacking midfielder will start his fourth season with Borussia Dortmund and remains a leader in jersey sales. Below is a roundup of all the Bundesliga home and away jerseys:


FC Augsburg 18/19 Soccer Jerseys

Nike manufacturers 5 of the 18 jerseys for the Bundesliga clubs, including FC Augsburg. In white home jerseys with red and green stripes, the Augsburg kit looks crisp and clean. The away jersey incorporated a zigzagged design in green with matching sleeves.


Bayer Leverkusen 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


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Founded in 1989, Jako AG has long designed the kits for Bayer. The home jersey is mostly black with a red, vertical strip matching the logo. The away jersey has thin diagonal stripes that create a classic and vintage feel.

Bayern Munich 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


Bayern Munich 2018/19 Away Jersey Launched Bayern Munich 2018/19 home soccer jersey by adidas

The 2017/18 Bundesliga champions look to defend their title in a fresh new threads. The home jersey from adidas has a diagonal graphic throughout the chest in differing shades of red. The away kit is a pearly color with a slight turquoise tint.

Borussia Dortmund 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


 Borussia Dortmund 2018/19 home soccer jersey by PumaImage result for borussia dortmund away jersey

Borussia Dortmond released their away jerseys today to the general public. The home and away jerseys nearly reflect each other as the colors have been switched in the chest and the sleeves. Traditionally, PUMA has designed the kits to be solid gold and black and this year is no different.


Borussia Monchenglandbach 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


The Big Cat designed the jerseys for Monchenglandbach for the first time this season. The home kit is a very simple design in all white with green accents. In green and black, the away kit will surely be a fan favorite for the Germans.

Eintracht Frankfurt 18/19 Soccer Jerseys



Eintracht have easily the cleanest kits in the Bundesliga. The home kit is simply all black with thin fading lines down the chest of the jersey. The away kit is pure white without accents or special features. The crisp jersey with only single button is predicted to be a best seller.

Fortuna 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


 Image result for Fortuna Düsseldorf 18-19 awayImage result for Fortuna Düsseldorf 18-19 away

In bright red with an V-shaped stripe across the shoulders, Fortuna will wear a very tradtional jersey for the 2018/19 season. The away jerseys share similarities to the Liverpool third kit with it’s on special spin on the design.

SC Freiburg 18/19 Soccer Jerseys



Hummel have designed a very traditional kit for SC Freiburg this season. The simple color schemes of red and black match the traditional color of the team’s history. Schwarzwaldmilch remains the teams primary sponsor with one of the longest names in the Bundesliga.

Hanover 96 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


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The 96 will wear red and black this season as their home kit with logoed socks to match their team crest. The away jersey hits at the third though its bright green lettering and accents. The third truly embodies what it means to be a third kit: crazy yet fun.


Hertha Berlin 18/19 Soccer Jerseys

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Another Nike Kit in the Bundesliga, Hertha will be rocking the stripes for the 2018/19 season. The home kit dawns vertical stripes in white, navy and light blue. The away kit shows dark blue stripes with a light aqua colored stripe. Both kits have the TEDi sponsor proudly displayed on the front chest.


Hoffenheim 18/19 Soccer Jerseys



Hoffenheim  revealed a very simple but elegant look for all three of their jerseys. Simply, the home jersey is a all blue, the away is white and the third is black. Each have the SAP logo on the chest and the team crest.


Mainz 18/19 Soccer Jerseys



The home jersey for Mainz is red with dark red stripes. The lack of collar gives the home jersey a modernized and comfortable look. The away jersey is cool light blue with contracting chest logo to match the sleeves. The jersey collar gives a nod to past kits.


Nurnberg 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


Nurnberg launched their 2018/19 jersey with an exciting rooftop photo shoot. The jerseys have a very flowing design from chest to sleeves, with traditional Umbro sleeve design. As a new member of Bundesliga, Nurnberg will be the team to watch this season.


RB Leipzig 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


Image result for rb leipzig 2018/19 home RB Leipzig 2018/19 Stadium Away Kit

The Red Bulls will look to improve upon their sixth place finish from last season this year. The new kits from Nike will definitely inspire fans and players alike to try and shock the table.  The sleeves of the home kit offer a great accent to an already exciting team.


Schalke 04 18/19 Soccer Jerseys



Under the Light It Up campaign, Schalke looks to add some electrifying style to the 2018/19 season.  In 2016/17,  the club finished in 10th. Last season, the club finished in second. There is no doubt these kits will be shooting for a title this year.


VfB Stuttgart 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


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VfB Stuttgart’s home and away jerseys follow a similar design as BVB. PUMA has essentially flipped the design from home to away offering a option for any fan. With a center team crest, the Stuttgart jerseys are definitely unique.


Werder Bremen 18/19 Soccer Jerseys

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Werder released three kit kits with all differing designs. The home kit has a primairly green color with white accents on the shoulders and sleeve bottoms. The away jersey has grey and blue stripes with a match blue logo that pops off the chest. The third jersey is a classy white jersey with a diamond design and colorful chest logo.


Wolfsburg 18/19 Soccer Jerseys


The 2018/19 Wolfburg kits are some of the best in the Bundesliga. The crisp and shiny green reflects and complements the Volkswagon logo perfectly. In the white, the color elegantly showcases the team colors on the collar.