32 teams are competing at the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer and each brings a unique style to the field with their home soccer jersey.

Some teams stick to tradition, some go wild with bold designs, while others look to the past for a retro inspriation. And each style can be a winner.

This list highlights the 10 best FIFA World Cup 2018 (Home) Jerseys.

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And it’s not just one person’s opinion on what is the best jersey but a list compiled by the editors of Soccer365 and World Soccer Shop with a look at both the design features of each World Cup soccer jersey as well as sales of the jersey at World Soccer Shop.

Keep reading if you want to see what will look hot on the field this summer in Russia and should be a part of your collection as well.

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10 Best World Cup (Home) Soccer Jerseys 2018

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World Cup 2018 Jerseys Spain


10. Spain 2018 World Cup Jersey The Spain World Cup jersey from adidas was inspired by the look La Furia Roja (The Red Fury) wore at the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the U.S.A. so many old-school soccer fans will fondly recall the design. The team’s look has a completed look with 1 star added above the federation crest for their 2010 FIFA World Cup victory.

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World Cup 2018 Jerseys Panama

9. Panama 2018 World Cup Jersey This will be the first appearance at the FIFA World Cup finals and the Panamanian federation along with New Balance did a great job designing their home soccer jersey. Los Canaleros (The Canal Men) have a solid red jersey but the details help elevate it to this list. The tonal red squares on the front create a chevron pattern (which is a little too bold on the away jersey) and the white detailing on the wishbone design collar gives a modern touch.

World Cup 2018 Jerseys Croatia

8. Croatia 2018 World Cup Jersey Croatia’s checkboard jersey design is unique in soccer. It is impressive to have a look so associated with a team especially considering Croatia as an independent nation was only recognized by FIFA in 1993. The Vatreni (The Blazers) look stands-out from earlier editions with a bigger checkerboard pattern and blurred edges to each square. The solid red sleeves have a sound wave pattern down the center. The away jersey features the same design with a Midnight Navy/Blue colorway.

World Cup 2018 Jerseys Poland

7. Poland 2018 World Cup Jersey It can be hard to make a really strong statement with a white jersey but Poland and Nike have accomplished that with the last couple of editions of the national team jersey. And this is probably the strongest of the lot. The jersey creates a sash effect with the with half of the jersey a grey/white gradient. The cut in the jersey bisects the Poland federation crest. The broken v-neck collar and number under the Nike Swoosh on the right chest complete the look.

World Cup 2018 Jerseys Denmark

6. Denmark 2018 World Cup Jersey There is something nice looking about a solid red jersey and Denmark and Hummel have put all the pieces together in just the right way. The front and back of the jersey features a tonal cross inspired by the Danish Royal Life Guards, the chevrons on the shoulders have a unique look with the front have of each chevron being striped, and the modern hybrid v-neck collar in white/blue along with the hummel bee logo finish it off. The Danish apparel company has made the team in 4 of their 5 World Cup appearances. There something old-school about a national team supporting a local company.

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World Cup 2018 Jerseys Japan


5. Japan 2018 World Cup Jersey adidas turned to the ancient sashiko decorative embroidery tradition when designing the home jersey for the Samurai Blue. The traditional blue jersey features mini small hachure marks that create vertical stripes on the front of the jersey. The new crest of the Japanese Football Association (JFA) is oversized and placed over the left chest with the Japanese flag above it.


World Cup 2018 Jerseys Switzerland


4. Switzerland 2018 World Cup Jersey The 4th red jersey on the list and Switzerland does the best job with creating a cool look. The Schweizer Nati (Swiss Nati) jersey by Puma features a topographical map of the area around the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps. A great design on its own but with even more meaning knowing the story behind it. The federation badge is set on the right chest with the Swiss flag over the heart.


World Cup 2018 Jerseys Germany


3. Germany 2018 World Cup Jersey Germany has a ‘championship’ retro design by adidas to wear in Russia this summer. The jersey is a modern interpretation of the look Die Mannschaft wore when they won the 1990 FIFA World Cup and includes the World Cup winners shield on the center chest as current holders as well as a 4th star over the federation crest. The number offset to the right will be a unique look.


World Cup 2018 Jerseys Nigeria


2. Nigeria 2018 World Cup Jersey Arguably the boldest jersey at the World Cup, Nigeria will turn heads with their Nike jersey. The design took inspirations from the 1994 FIFA World Cup jersey in the Super Eagles World Cup debut. The green jersey (it is actually hard to determine if it is a green or white jersey) features a white feathered pattern on the torso. The sleeves are white with a similar feathered pattern in black. The jersey also includes an updated federation crest similar to the one worn when the team won the Gold Medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. “They’re gonna know Nigeria have arrived,” Alex Iwobi said of the look.


World Cup 2018 Jerseys Peru


World Cup 2018 Home Jerseys Peru

1. Peru 2018 World Cup Jersey One of the best-looking jerseys in soccer history. And it will be on display for an entire new generation with La Blanquirroja (The White and Red) back in the World Cup finals for the first time since 1982. The simple white jersey with red sash on the front and back of the jersey by Umbro first caught the imagination of fans at the 1970 World Cup and has had a buzz on best looking jerseys ever since. Don’t miss it this summer.

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Reader Comments:

Everybody have been talking about the home jerseys, they forget to talk about the away jerseys which are equally beautiful as the home jerseys. I believe Nigeria away jersey is the most beautiful of them all.

Gbenga V.

[Editor’s Note: S365 is talking about the away jerseys in our recent post 10 Best (Away) Jerseys of the 2018 World Cup.  We liked the look (and like the home jersey is SOLD OUT almost immediately) of Nigeria’s away but didn’t break in to the Away Jersey Best 10 list.  Admittedly it probably suffered some from the greatness of the home jersey.

Nigeria 2018 World Cup away soccer jersey by Nike

What do the readers think?

The design of the Nigeria home jersey is magnificent. Nigeria kit is one of the best in the tournament. The design is second-to-none. Nigerians usually don’t come out to purchase Jersey but this one is differnt. The beauty of it is a peculiar treasure of inestimable value and it’s a rare one.

Anatex L.

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