The away soccer jersey is secondary to many fans but increasingly teams are using the away soccer shirt to make a bold fashion statement. This trend has made it more difficult to narrow the select to the 10 best jerseys.

National teams must be liking the new looks as well with many pulling them on for recent friendlies.

Fans will have an equally tough time trying to decide whether to stick with the traditional home look or opt to hit the streets with the bolder away soccer jersey design.

Spain and Germany get extra credit for appearing on the Top 10 list for their home AND away kits. The federations and adidas did a great job playing off a traditional and bold look.

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As with our earlier list, the away jersey list is compiled from the personal rankings of the editors of Soccer365, World Soccer Shop, comments from customers, as well as sales numbers for the specific jerseys.

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World Cup 2018 Away Soccer Jerseys

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Russia 2018 World Cup away jersey by adidas


10. Russia 2018 World Cup Away Jersey Russia face a big challenge in advancing from Group A and avoid becoming only the second host nation to fail to make the elimination round. But they will look good if they can convince the home fans to let them play in their away jersey. The white jersey features a grey block pattern representing the architecture and industrial cities of the country. OK, we don’t get the architecture and industrial cities part but the graphic looks good, is different, and pairs nicely with the blue detailing. And we got to show the host nation some love.


Spain 2018 World Cup Away soccer jersey by adidas


9. Spain 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – The look Spain will wear at the World Cup immediately jumps out for its ‘halo blue’ color which really looks more like a light grey. The color is inspired by some of the team’s away jerseys from the late 1980’s. Blue does play into the design with a blue graphic design on the front. The red detailing pops out. A new 2-color crest competes the look.


Portugal 2018 World Cup Away Jersey by Nike


8. Portugal 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – It is all in the details that push the Nike Portugal away jersey into the top 10. The simple white jersey has a windrose design on the front. The design is bold on the center of the jersey but fade toward the corners allowing the Portugal Football Federation crest and the Nike Swoosh.


2018 South Korea World Cup away jersey by Nike


7. South Korea 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – South Korea and Nike also turned to a national symbol to make their simple white jersey stand above the rest. Taeguks, the national symbol of South Korea, are used to create a wavy in motion graphic the runs down the center of the jersey. The Taeguks are red at the top an blue at the bottom reference the country flag.


Belgium 2018 World Cup Away soccer jersey by adidas


6. Belgium 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – Belgium’s home jersey only narrowly missed out on the Home Jersey Top 10 list but that was partially due to the away jersey being so strong. The simple yellow jersey features a bold linear pattern that runs from the front of the jersey around on the back as well as the sleeves. The full jersey pattern is no longer the norm for jerseys. The simple black crew collar plays its role and supports the adidas 3-stripes on the shoulders. Unlike most jerseys where the 3-stripes are the same color for the Belgium away the outer stripes are black while the center stripe is red.


Australia 2018 World Cup away jersey by Nike


5. Australia 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – Australia’s dark green jersey is not what pushes the Socceroos jersey on the list but rather the bright fluorescent lime yellow detailing. The color is used sparingly for the Nike Swoosh, a subtle sash from left arm to right waist, and at the back of the neck. Increasingly club teams are pulling in non-traditional and bold colors (it helps sell jerseys) and this jersey may be a harbinger of design trend coming to the federation kits. The Football Federation Australia crest looks great as it blends into the jersey as well.


Serbia 2018 World Cup away soccer jersey by Puma


4. Serbia 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – Puma took over as the technical director for Serbia after the conclusion of the World Cup qualifiers and quickly put together a great away look for the Оrlovi (The Eagles). The white jersey has a red/blue/white narrow stripe down the center with a break for the player number. A red stripe emanates from the back of the red crew neck collar and down the side of the sleeve culminating in a red cuff. The design unifies the top of the jersey. The Football Association of Serbia crest is placed over the heart at a slight angle completing the look.


Mexico 2018 World Cup away soccer jersey by adidas


3. Mexico 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – The best-looking Mexico away jersey of the last decade maybe in team history. The jersey is such a classic it looks equally impressive on the field or as a fashion statement in every day life. The white jersey features a tricolor band, in green/white/red, across the chest. The bands are made up of individual pieces of material rather than an applied logo. The ClimaLite material has a comfortable textured weave to feel great while wearing. A white crew neck collar is flanked by the adidas 3-stripes in green on the shoulders. The positioning of the tricolor band provides the perfect white background and spacing for the Mexico Football Federation crest and adidas Performance logo.  The look is over-the-top when you factor in the red shorts and white socks of the full Mexico soccer kit.


Colombia 2018 World Cup away jersey by adidas


2. Colombia 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – The Netherlands away jersey is a classic…wait a second, this blue jersey with orange detailing is Colombia’s away jersey by adidas. What gives? This bold look from Colombia pays tribute to the look of the team in the 1960’s (when they wore dark blue jerseys) and the 1970’s (when they surprisingly wore an orange jersey). The Colombian Football Federation adopted an orange soccer kit in tribute to the might ‘Clockwork Orange’ of the Netherlands. The color combination works as well as the detailing on this great look.


Germany 2018 World Cup away soccer jersey by adidas

1. Germany 2018 World Cup Away Jersey – The Germany green away jersey is a classic and an early instance of a team adopting a non-traditional (not in the national flag) color. Green as a jersey color was adopted after World War II. (Why does Germany wear a green jersey?) Die Mannschaft famously wore green in the 1986 FIFA World Cup final as well as at World Cups in 1990, 1974, and 1954 and have brought it back for their trip to Russia this summer. The jersey features a geometric pattern with diamonds and darker shaded parallelograms interwoven on the front of the jersey and the sleeves. The German Football Association (DFB) crest is white and the FIFA World Cup Champions crest is on the center chest in gold.

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